Water-based recreation in Liepāja

Boat trips, celebrations on a yacht, sailing on catamarans, SUP paddle boarding, etc.

"Četri vēji" ("Four winds")

Leisure boat "Četri vēji" is eagerly awaiting you on board.

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Celebrations, parties and other entertainment options combined with sightseeing both in the Liepāja port water area and in the open sea.

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Combine mild physical activity with a small excursion down the Liepāja Trade Canal and around the Atteku island.

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Another water-based recreation option – motorized "Bubliks". With these floating crafts you can sail from the Tram Bridge to the Atteku island and around it to feel the waves of Lake Liepāja.

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SUP and boats

The most agile and brave ones can try gliding on the Trade Canal on a SUP paddle board, while for those preferring a more relaxed leisure and gliding on the waves boat rides are available.

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